About us

An Introduction

My name is Olivia and I am the founder of Babamooche Boutique.

I became a mum to a gorgeous baby girl, Harper, on New Year's Day of 2016. Ever since that day not only has Harper been growing but I myself have been growing with inspiration to have my very own baby boutique.

Why Babamooche?

The name Babamooche is something that I've been calling my daughter from day one, so it only seemed right to have something so personal and meaningful as my shop name.

We are located in a small town in pantyffynon, just outside of Ammanford in Wales. I live with my partner Taylor who has supported and encouraged me to be where I am today, and of course our little monkey Harper. 

There are lots of wonderful online baby boutiques out there, but what I myself have found, is that there's a particular set theme of clothing. Here at Babamooche we try to cater to everyone's fashion taste to the very best we can. We have everything from traditional, to frilly to 'outdoorsie' clothing.

The Journey

Babies are such a blessing and whether it is your first or sixth time, it is one of life's most humbling and rewarding experiences. Which is why Babamooche is here, not only to share my own personal journey with you but to also be apart of yours by providing top quality gorgeous clothing and accessories with a friendly service.
If you have any questions at all please feel free to call, message or email me at any time.

Enjoy xxx